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It’s Spritzi time! Subi Spritz seeks ideas and involvement from local businesses for 2023

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Pop the Aperols, Subi Spritz is back to paint the City of Subiaco orange again in 2023. From 16 to 19 March, Subi Spritz will transport guests to Southern Europe for four days of la dolce vita.

In its first year, the festival celebrated Subiaco’s rich history though events such as the Cannoli Cooking Class, Australia meets Europe for Lunch, and throughout a number of collaborative events such as the Conti Roll Contest, The Long, Long Lunch and Dive into Digestivos.

With 100% of attendees surveyed after the inaugural festival interested in attending the 2023 event, festival management is excited to be progressing with round two and is seeking expressions of interest from local businesses to get involved in a bigger and better Subi Spritz in 2023.

Managed by AHOY Management, Joint Director Erin Molloy says, ‘we encourage the local businesses to reach out with any ideas they’ve been eager to implement so we can work together to bring them to fruition, building on the success of the inaugural year.’

The City of Subiaco is a big supporter of events as a means of driving new and local visitation to the city’s centre.

City of Subiaco Mayor David McMullen says of the festival, ‘Subi Spritz showcases Subiaco food and beverage experiences to the whole of Perth. This broad exposure has the potential to draw visitors to the City of Subiaco not just during the festival, but all year round.’

Businesses can submit an expression of interest form online until October 31, 2022 and are encouraged to get in touch with AHOY Management via to do so.

The 2022 festival saw 100% of ticket sale revenue going directly back to the 14 participating businesses, providing positive returns in the height of COVID uncertainty. 70% of businesses said they saw an increase of in trade as a result of being a part of Subi Spritz with 80% satisfied and likely to participate in the festival again.

For more information, visit or to get involved please reach out via the contact information below.

Subi Spritz is proudly sponsored by the City of Subiaco.

Erin Molloy T: 0404 073 580 E:

Brianna Delaporte T: 0474 701 226 E:

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